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Around the UK there are hundreds and hundreds of telemarketing companies ranging from ex telemarketers that have decided to start up by themselves, up to large call centers that employ hundreds of staff.

Finding the right sort of telemarketing company for your campaign may be difficult as it will take time to find the right size agency.

With telemarketing, most agencies either focus on B2B calling (business to business) or B2C calling (business to consumer).

Consumers would be considered as people at home. This would be single mothers during the day or decision makers in the evening. Depending on who you are looking to target, will define when calling will take place and what sort of clientele are called.

Many people loathe telemarketing companies calling up at home (which can be understood as it is a little intrusive after a days work to get sales calls in the evening) sometimes 5-10 calls per evening for some homeowners.

Most B2C telemarketing companies are very selective on the sort of campaigns that they take on – as many campaigns can be very difficult.

Many companies (such as double glazing companies) look to outsource their calling to B2C telemarketing companies; however many will not do this sort of calling (leaving them to use internal staff and handle calling themselves).

B2C calling is quite difficult (due to the stigma and also the fact that people tend to be more hostile to calls at home) and considered intrusive – so many telemarketing companies are shying away from it now and going for B2B calling instead.

Choosing the right telemarketing company to handle your calling may be a time consuming process as there are so many telemarketing companies around to choose from. Most agencies in the UK focus on B2B calling, so finding one to handle day time or evening calling may be difficult.

There are a number of B2C telemarketing companies around the UK and the best way to find them (other than spending time trawling through search results is to use a price comparison site. This way you can compare a few different companies compare prices and do this over the course of a few minutes, freeing up your valuable time.

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B2C Telemarketing

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This article was published on 2011/04/14