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How should you go about telemarketing lead generation?

Contrary to popular belief, telemarketing lead generation still gets you much more leads than other methods. This is simply because it puts you in touch with the decision maker directly. You call them, explain the deal and verify if they qualify to be leads. Only after that do they become leads. But this kind of lead generation entails much more than just calling up people and talking. You need to know how to hire the perfect telemarketing services company for your needs and you also analyze the given data.

Given the competition in the industry today, there are a many telemarketing service provider companies in the market. But how do you know which one to pick? After all you are going to be spending money on them too, for the sake of anticipated returns. There is one thing that you can do from your end. Set realistic expectations. You can’t expect to sell high quality dark chocolate in a town where people don’t have enough food to eat. So tell your sales team to draw up their expectation and then contact a telemarketing services provider. Keep reading to know how to choose the perfect firm.

1. Pick a firm based on your industry: This really is the most common sense solution that you could come up with. The firm that you chose should have expertise in your given field. This will help in terms of the terminology that people use when it comes to theseproducts. For instance some telemarketer in the healthcare domain might not understand the meaning of a data card, and similarly some guy with IT may not know what acetone is. It’s important for them to be well informed so that they can answer questions posed with respect to the products that they are selling.

2. Don’t always go for the cheaper alternatives: While it is alright to be cost effective in your dealings, it really doesn’t make sense to pick the lowest cost and compromise on quality. Before you pay, check out their quality, and that means the qualifications of their employees and the quality of their tools.

3. Don’t rush it: The idea is to make a smart decision. In your haste for a telemarketer, don’t pick the first one that comes to you. Do your research, ask around and only then make the final decision.

How to analyze telemarketing data?

The telemarketing services provider does this for you. But you will get better results if you deal with hard statistics and follow up on their recommendations. Try to uncover trends and validate assumptions this may be done by your sales team too. One part of your team can chase the leads and the other part can rehash the results and analyze findings. Look for results beyond the present campaign level and work on your relationships with the customer.

Keeping all this is mind, you should be fine with your telemarketing campaign. Just be sure to base your actions on data and not just a gut feeling. 

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Telemarketing Lead Generations

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This article was published on 2013/08/19