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One of the most proactive forms of marketing is telemarketing. We known for producing quick results telemarketing can very quickly help a company to get new sales leads, new appointments and new opportunities.

Before deciding to work with a telemarketing company, there are a few things that need to be considered first.

1. Are you going to be targeting businesses or consumers?

There are many telemarketing companies that do B2B (business to business) telemarketing; but not as many that will do B2C (business to consumer) telemarketing.

2. Do you have data available to be called?

Normally telemarketing companies do not provide the raw data for calling; this is either supplied or purchased before hand. If you do not have an established database, then care needs to be given to the time it will take to research new prospects and build the database up.

3. Choosing the telemarketing company

There are hundreds of telemarketing companies around the UK; if you are going to use one, you would be best using one that has a knowledge and understanding of your industry and market place. This will give them the best chance of gaining results for you.

4. Comparing telemarketing prices

Next is to compare prices from telemarketing companies. All telemarketing companies charge differently and the prices vary massively - so get quotes.

Most telemarketing companies charge based on a day rate, and this can vary from 150 up to around 600, so it is always advised to shop around to get the best deal.

Many telemarketing companies work on a monthly basis, but this would depend how many people you need to be calling for how many days.

Pay per lead and pay per appointment services are becoming more popular these days as companies want more guarantees when it comes to telemarketing. The problem is that telemarketing is still a marketing service and guarantees are hard to come by. There are around 10 'pay per appointment' telemarketing companies around the UK; however they are picky about what clients they work with (as they want clients that you stand the best chance of getting appointments with). Of course converting the meetings into business is still the responsibility of the client - they just book the meeting with the prospect.

Many people do ask about commission only telemarketing; however no UK company offers this service. There are a few freelancers and students that may consider commission only work (but this is usually to keep them busy while job hunting).
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Uk Telemarketing Companies

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This article was published on 2011/03/27